About the Kubeflow community

Kubeflow Slack

The Official Kubeflow Slack is used for informal discussions among users and contributors.

Popular Kubeflow Slack Channels
General Discussion#general
Feature Requests#feature-requests
Job Postings#job-postings
Kubeflow - Pipelines#kubeflow-pipelines
Kubeflow - Notebooks#kubeflow-notebooks
Kubeflow - Training Operator#kubeflow-training-operator
Kubeflow - Katib#kubeflow-katib
Platform - AWS#platform-aws
Platform - Azure#platform-azure
Platform - GCP#platform-gcp
Users - China#users-china
Users - Korea#users-korea
Users - Oceania#users-oceania

Kubeflow Mailing List

The official Kubeflow mailing list is a Google Group called kubeflow-discuss.

Kubeflow on Social Networking

  • Official YouTube Channel for Kubeflow. You can find the most recent videos covering a range of topics related to Kubeflow.
  • Join LinkedIn for latest news in Kubeflow.
  • Follow us on X formerly known as Twitter for latest news on Kubeflow.

Kubeflow Community Call

The Kubeflow community holds weekly Zoom calls for all users and contributors to discuss issues/proposals and present demos/products. Kubeflow community calls are held every other Tuesday at 8:00am San Francisco time.

Joining the mailing list should automatically add these events to your Google Calendar. Alternatively, you can manually subscribe to the “Kubeflow Community” calendar.

Useful Links
Kubeflow Community Call - NotesGoogle Doc
Kubeflow Community Call - RecordingsYouTube Playlist

Kubeflow Community Calendars

The following calendars are maintained by Kubeflow Working Groups and contain meetings that you may wish to attend.

Kubeflow CommunityGoogle Calendar (iCal, Git Repo)
KServe CommunityGoogle Calendar (iCal)

This is an aggregated view of the community calendars and should be displayed in your device’s timezone.

Kubeflow Blog and Other Resources

The Kubeflow project maintains an official blog that can be found here.

In addition, please check out the community-curated awesome list of projects and resources related to Kubeflow.

Kubeflow Trademark

The Kubeflow trademark and logos are registered trademarks of Google, please review the Kubeflow Brand Guidelines for more information.

Kubeflow Working Groups

The Kubeflow project has a number of Working Groups (WGs) who each maintain some aspect of the Kubeflow project. The following table outlines which components are maintained by each Working Group.


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