Overview of the Kubeflow Central Dashboard

What is the Kubeflow Central Dashboard?

The Kubeflow Central Dashboard provides an authenticated web interface for Kubeflow and ecosystem components. It acts as a hub for your machine learning platform and tools by exposing the UIs of components running in the cluster.

Some core features of the central dashboard include:


Here is a screenshot of the Kubeflow Central Dashboard:

Kubeflow Central Dashboard - Homepage

Kubeflow and its components have a number of user interfaces which you access from the central dashboard.

Here is a list of the main pages, grouped by component.

Core Sections

The following sections are available in all Kubeflow deployments:

  • Home: landing page for Kubeflow Central Dashboard
  • Manage Contributors: manage contributors of profiles (namespaces) that you own

Kubeflow Notebooks

The following sections are available when Kubeflow Notebooks is installed:

  • Notebooks: manage Kubeflow Notebooks
  • TensorBoards: manage TensorBoard instances
  • Volumes: manage Kubernetes PVC Volumes

Kubeflow Katib

The following sections are available when Katib is installed:

  • Katib Experiments: manage Katib AutoML experiments


The following sections are available when KServe is installed:

  • KServe Endpoints: manage deployed KServe model endpoints

Kubeflow Pipelines

When Kubeflow Pipelines is installed, you can select Pipelines from the sidebar:

Kubeflow Central Dashboard - Pipelines - Runs

In the Pipelines section, you can access the following pages:

  • Pipelines: manage pipeline definitions
  • Experiments: manage pipeline experiments
  • Runs: manage pipeline runs
  • Recurring Runs: manage recurring pipeline runs
  • Artifacts: track artifacts produced by pipelines stored in MLMD
  • Executions: track executions of pipeline components stored in MLMD

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