Kubeflow Pipelines SDK for Tekton

How to run Kubeflow Pipelines with Tekton

You can use the KFP-Tekton SDK to compile, upload and run your Kubeflow Pipeline DSL Python scripts on a Kubeflow Pipelines with Tekton backend.

SDK packages

The kfp-tekton SDK is an extension to the Kubeflow Pipelines SDK adding the TektonCompiler and the TektonClient:

  • kfp_tekton.compiler includes classes and methods for compiling pipeline Python DSL into a Tekton PipelineRun YAML spec. The methods in this package include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • kfp_tekton.compiler.TektonCompiler.compile compiles your Python DSL code into a single static configuration (in YAML format) that the Kubeflow Pipelines service can process. The Kubeflow Pipelines service converts the static configuration into a set of Kubernetes resources for execution.
  • kfp_tekton.TektonClient contains the Python client libraries for the Kubeflow Pipelines API. Methods in this package include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • kfp_tekton.TektonClient.upload_pipeline uploads a local file to create a new pipeline in Kubeflow Pipelines.
    • kfp_tekton.TektonClient.create_experiment creates a pipeline experiment and returns an experiment object.
    • kfp_tekton.TektonClient.run_pipeline runs a pipeline and returns a run object.
    • kfp_tekton.TektonClient.create_run_from_pipeline_func compiles a pipeline function and submits it for execution on Kubeflow Pipelines.
    • kfp_tekton.TektonClient.create_run_from_pipeline_package runs a local pipeline package on Kubeflow Pipelines.

Installing the KFP-Tekton SDK

You need Python 3.5 or later to use the Kubeflow Pipelines SDK for Tekton. We recommend to create a Python virtual environment first using Miniconda or a virtual environment manager such as virtualenv or the Python 3 venv module:

python3 -m venv .venv-kfp-tekton
source .venv-kfp-tekton/bin/activate

You can install the latest release of the kfp-tekton compiler from PyPi:

pip3 install kfp-tekton --upgrade

Compiling Kubeflow Pipelines DSL scripts

The kfp-tekton Python package comes with the dsl-compile-tekton command line executable, which should be available in your terminal shell environment after installing the kfp-tekton Python package.

If you cloned the kfp-tekton project, you can find example pipelines in the samples folder or in the sdk/python/tests/compiler/testdata folder.

dsl-compile-tekton \
    --py sdk/python/tests/compiler/testdata/parallel_join.py \
    --output pipeline.yaml

Note: If the KFP DSL script contains a __main__ method calling the kfp_tekton.compiler.TektonCompiler.compile() function:

if __name__ == "__main__":
    from kfp_tekton.compiler import TektonCompiler
    TektonCompiler().compile(pipeline_func, "pipeline.yaml")

The pipeline can then be compiled by running the DSL script with python3 directly from the command line, producing a Tekton YAML file pipeline.yaml in the same directory:

python3 pipeline.py

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