Seldon Serving

Model serving using Seldon

Seldon comes installed with Kubeflow. The Seldon documentation site provides full documentation for running Seldon inference.

If you have a saved model in a PersistentVolume (PV), Google Cloud Storage bucket or Amazon S3 Storage you can use one of the prepackaged model servers provided by Seldon.

Seldon also provides language specific model wrappers to wrap your inference code for it to run in Seldon.

Kubeflow specifics

You need to ensure the namespace where your models will be served has:

  • An Istio gateway named kubeflow-gateway
  • A label set as

The following example applies the label my-namespace to the namespace for serving:

kubectl label namespace my-namespace

Create a gateway called kubeflow-gateway in namespace my-namespace:

kind: Gateway
  name: kubeflow-gateway
  namespace: my-namespace
    istio: ingressgateway
  - hosts:
    - '*'
      name: http
      number: 80
      protocol: HTTP

Save the above resource and apply it with kubectl.


The Kubeflow Seldon E2E Pipeline shows how to build re-usable components for an ML pipeline.

Seldon provides a large set of example notebooks showing how to run inference code for a wide range of machine learning toolkits.