Developer Guide

Developer guide

Configure Git Pre-Commit Hooks

Git hooks are useful for identifying simple issues before submission to code review. We run hooks on every commit to automatically generate helm chart file from file. Before you can run git hooks, you need to have the pre-commit package manager installed as follows:

# Using pip
pip install pre-commit

# Using conda
conda install -c conda-forge pre-commit

# Using Homebrew
brew install pre-commit

To set up the pre-commit hooks, run the following command:

pre-commit install

pre-commit install-hooks

Build the Operator

In case you want to build the operator from the source code, e.g., to test a fix or a feature you write, you can do so following the instructions below.

The easiest way to build the operator without worrying about its dependencies is to just build an image using the Dockerfile.

docker build -t <image-tag> .

The operator image is built upon a base Spark image that defaults to spark:3.5.0. If you want to use your own Spark image (e.g., an image with a different version of Spark or some custom dependencies), specify the argument SPARK_IMAGE as the following example shows:

docker build --build-arg SPARK_IMAGE=<your Spark image> -t <image-tag> .
docker build -t <image-tag> -f Dockerfile.rh .

If you’d like to build/test the spark-operator locally, follow the instructions below:

mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
git clone
cd spark-operator

To update the auto-generated code, run the following command. (This step is only required if the CRD types have been changed):


To update the auto-generated CRD definitions, run the following command. After doing so, you must update the list of required fields under each ports field to add the protocol field to the list. Skipping this step will make the CRDs incompatible with Kubernetes v1.18+.

GO111MODULE=off go get -u
controller-gen crd:trivialVersions=true,maxDescLen=0,crdVersions=v1beta1 paths="./pkg/apis/" output:crd:artifacts:config=./manifest/crds/

You can verify the current auto-generated code is up to date with:


To build the operator, run the following command:

GOOS=linux go build -o spark-operator

To run unit tests, run the following command:

go test ./...

Build the API Specification Doc

When you update the API, or specifically the SparkApplication and ScheduledSparkApplication specifications, the API specification doc needs to be updated. To update the API specification doc, run the following command:

make build-api-docs

Running the above command will update the file docs/

Develop with the Helm Chart

Run helm chart lint

$ make helm-lint
Linting charts...

 Charts to be processed:
 spark-operator => (version: "1.2.4", path: "charts/spark-operator-chart")

Linting chart "spark-operator => (version: \"1.2.4\", path: \"charts/spark-operator-chart\")"
Checking chart "spark-operator => (version: \"1.2.4\", path: \"charts/spark-operator-chart\")" for a version bump...
Old chart version: 1.2.1
New chart version: 1.2.4
Chart version ok.
Validating /Users/user/go/src/
Validation success! 👍
Validating maintainers...

Linting chart with values file "charts/spark-operator-chart/ci/ci-values.yaml"...

==> Linting charts/spark-operator-chart
[INFO] Chart.yaml: icon is recommended

1 chart(s) linted, 0 chart(s) failed

 ✔︎ spark-operator => (version: "1.2.4", path: "charts/spark-operator-chart")
All charts linted successfully

Run helm chart unit tests

First, you need to install helm chart unit test plugin as follows:

helm plugin install

For more information about how to write helm chart unit tests, please refer to helm-unittest.

Then, run make helm-unittest to run the helm chart unit tests:

$ make helm-unittest

### Chart [ spark-operator ] charts/spark-operator-chart

 PASS  Test spark operator deployment   charts/spark-operator-chart/tests/deployment_test.yaml
 PASS  Test spark operator rbac charts/spark-operator-chart/tests/rbac_test.yaml
 PASS  Test spark operator service account      charts/spark-operator-chart/tests/serviceaccount_test.yaml
 PASS  Test spark rbac  charts/spark-operator-chart/tests/spark-rbac_test.yaml
 PASS  Test spark service account       charts/spark-operator-chart/tests/spark-serviceaccount_test.yaml
 PASS  Test spark operator webhook service      charts/spark-operator-chart/tests/webhook-service_test.yaml

Charts:      1 passed, 1 total
Test Suites: 6 passed, 6 total
Tests:       46 passed, 46 total
Snapshot:    0 passed, 0 total
Time:        107.861083ms

Build the Helm Docs

The Helm chart file is generated by helm-docs tool. If you want to update the Helm docs, remember to modify rather than, then run make helm-docs to generate the file:

$ make helm-docs
INFO[2024-04-14T07:29:26Z] Found Chart directories [charts/spark-operator-chart] 
INFO[2024-04-14T07:29:26Z] Generating README Documentation for chart charts/spark-operator-chart 

Note that if git pre-commit hooks are set up, helm-docs will automatically run before committing any changes. If there are any changes to the file, the commit process will be aborted.


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