Migrating from KFServing to KServe

The migration job will by default delete the leftover KFServing installation after migrating the InferenceServices from serving.kubeflow.org to serving.kserve.io.

Migrating from Kubeflow-based KFServing

  1. Install Kubeflow-based KServe 0.7 using the install YAML

    • This will not affect existing services yet.
    kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kserve/kserve/master/install/v0.7.0/kserve_kubeflow.yaml
  2. Run the KServe Migration YAML for Kubeflow-based installations

    • This will begin the migration. Any errors here may affect your existing services.

    • If you do not want to delete the KFServing resources after migrating, download and edit the env REMOVE_KFSERVING in the YAML before applying it

    kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kserve/kserve/master/hack/kserve_migration/kserve_migration_job_kubeflow.yaml
  3. Clean up the migration resources

    kubectl delete ClusterRoleBinding cluster-migration-rolebinding
    kubectl delete ClusterRole cluster-migration-role
    kubectl delete ServiceAccount cluster-migration-svcaccount -n kubeflow
  4. Update the models web app to use the new InferenceService API group serving.kserve.io

    • Change the deployment image to kserve/models-web-app:v0.7.0
    kubectl edit deployment kfserving-models-web-app -n kubeflow
  5. Update the cluster role to be able to access the new InferenceService API group serving.kserve.io

    • Edit the apiGroups from serving.kubeflow.org to serving.kserve.io
    • This is a temporary fix until the next Kubeflow release includes these changes
    kubectl edit clusterrole kfserving-models-web-app-cluster-role


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