Kubeflow 1.8

Information about the Kubeflow 1.8 release

Kubeflow 1.8.0

Release Date2023-11-01
MediaBlog: Kubeflow 1.8 Release Announcement
Video: Kubeflow 1.8 Release Overview
Roadmap: Kubeflow 1.8 Features
ManifestsRelease: v1.8.0
Branch: v1.8-branch
Release TeamLead: Daniela Plascencia (@DnPlas)
Member: Amber Graner (@akgraner)
Member: Julius von Kohout (@juliusvonkohout)
Member: Amber Graner (@akgraner)
Member: Ajay Nagar (@nagar-ajay )
Member: Noha Ihab (@NohaIhab)
Member: Anna Jung (@annajung)
Member: Kimonas Sotirchos (@kimwnasptd)
Member: Eric Liu (@helloericsf)
Member: David Cardozo (@Davidnet)
Product Manager: Josh Bottum (@jbottum)

Component Versions

MaintainersComponent NameVersion
AutoML Working GroupKatibv0.16.0
Notebooks Working GroupAdmission Webhook (PodDefaults)v1.8.0
Central Dashboardv1.8.0
Jupyter Web Appv1.8.0
Kubeflow Access Management APIv1.8.0
Notebook Controllerv1.8.0
Profile Controllerv1.8.0
Tensorboard Controllerv1.8.0
Tensorboard Web Appv1.8.0
Volumes Web Appv1.8.0
Pipelines Working GroupKubeflow Pipelines2.0.3
Kubeflow Pipelines Tektonv2.0.3
Serving Working GroupKServev0.11.1
Training Working GroupTraining Operatorv1.7.0

Dependency Versions (Manifests)

DependencyValidated or Included Version(s)Notes
Kubernetes1.25/1.26Other versions may work, but have not been validated by the Kubeflow Manifests Working Group.
Knative Serving1.10.2Knative is only needed when using the optional KServe Component.
Knative Eventing1.10.1


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